Saturday, 5 September 2009

Life in Puglia

I'm wondering why I have decided to start this blog ........ maybe it's that long unfulfilled wish to do something really creative. I can't paint, sing, act or draw ........ back in the dark old workaholic days, programming went a long way to satisfying my creative urge. But now, retired and living in Puglia, Italy, programming has pretty much been assigned to the back burner. So lets try writing ....

Of course the other reason is, my totally lousy memory, which is only getting worse with age! What was the weather like this time last year? When did I cut the asparagus back last year? What did I plant when, what worked best in the garden ..... etc. etc.

So this blog will be my musings and daily happenings, possibly of little interest to anyone else (except long suffering family and friends of course) ... but just maybe if you are thinking of taking early retirement, jumping ship from the UK and landing in Puglia, also known as Apulia (more about Puglia soon) or somewhere similar, our experiences, failures and successess may give you some inspiration!

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